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Cataldo, Crook and The Bluff

Thu, August 24, 2017

8:00 pm

Urban Lounge

Salt Lake City, UT


This event is 21 and over

Listen to LoveJoys, the sophomore release from Seattle, WA’s Pickwick, and you’ll hear a band that has pushed aside external pressures and expectations, overcome internal demons, and plugged directly into their own creative center. Slinky, sinewy, and articulate, the record pulses with a palpable confidence. Hypnotically intricate, just-right sonic ornamentation shimmers around a thick, undulating bed of propulsive rhythm. Submit willfully, give yourself over to Pickwick’s practiced ministrations, and you’ll find yourself exhausted and deeply satisfied, slick with a sheen of glitter and sweat.

Following the breakout success of 2013’s self-released Can’t Talk Medicine (which WXPN lauded for its “wonderfully engaging lo-fi rock and soul”) the band found themselves on national tours with Neko Case and Black Joe Lewis, performing on the main stage of the Sasquatch Music Festival, headlining the Capitol Hill Block Party, and performing alongside with the Seattle Symphony. They holed up to begin work on what was to be the follow up release, and things got complicated.

As the band was forty songs into writing a pop R&B record, they became deeply unsatisfied with the direction the music was taking. Tensions boiled over, and they lost a member in 2016. Walking away from a mountain of music, the group was able to tap into the joy of writing for themselves. “We rediscovered what we do best by not overthinking what we make, and learned to love the process of creating again” relates vocalist Galen Disston. “LoveJoys is a specific type of euphoria,” says drummer Alex Westcoat “a liberating feeling of inspiration that can only be achieved through the sacrifice of one's own ambition. It is the shedding of expectations; an uninhibited escape into a world of child-like infatuation and wonder.”

After an intense three month writing session the band – Disston, Westcoat, guitarist Michael Parker, bassist Garrett Parker, and keyboardist Cassady Lillstrom - turned to producer Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, Tacocat and Moondoggies) for guidance in putting the music to tape. “We are huge fans of his, and a mutual friend made the introduction” says Disston. “Erik requested we go out to drinks together every couple weeks for a four month period; he wanted to get to know us before we got too deep into working together. The first time he came to a practice I kept my back to him the whole time because I was intimidated, and after we'd played him all our demos, he picked them apart and pushed us into a new and better sound.”

LoveJoys was recorded at "Chemical X" and "Black Space" (February - May 2016), Blood’s studios in the basement of the old Rainier Brewery building in Seattle. It features performances from: Tendai Maraire (Shabazz Palaces), Sean T. Lane, Marquetta Miller (Breaks and Swells), Taryn Rene Dorsey, and the Black Space’s in-house horns and strings - Alina To (Passenger String Quartet) and Jeremy Shaskus (Breaks and Swells).

Written in the midst of personal and political turmoil, lyrically and sonically LoveJoys became an escape somehow, a place for the band to purge all their deepest concerns while somehow also being relieved of them. LoveJoys embodies the relationship between inspired creativity and the use of escapism as a way of getting there. Like little fossilized explorations of his own greatest fears and anxieties, Disston’s lyrics bury themselves into the band's bright new sonic landscape, both contradicting their collective fantasy and reminding them of why they chose to construct it in the first place. “This record is an escape toward love and joy in the face of uncertainty” says Westcoat. It's a sonic sanctuary built from unrestrained creativity, and a potent tonic; undiluted joyful creativity, guaranteed to transport the listener to a place of ecstatic release.
Crook and The Bluff
Crook and The Bluff
The 2015 release of Crook & The Bluff’s debut album, “Down To the Styx” portrays the sonic landscape they’ve been refining since the band’s birth in 2013 that is akin to the vast desert itself, whose influence permeates their music. They’ve crafted a powerful stage presence equipped with an arsenal of songs depicting lust, love, murder and malevolence, in which Dath's powerful, booming baritone and piercing falsetto interplay seamlessly with Wilford's harmonies, and fierce guitar work. When they slow it down, the music takes on an eerily beautiful calm that lulls the listener into a trance, only to be slapped right out of it.

In the spring of 2015 they absorbed into their flanks multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter, Sarah DeGraw to command the drums and lace the vocal melodies with ghostly lament. With DeGraw now administering the pulse to the dance floor, it seems the audience cannot help but to spiral into a hypnotic state, falling victim to the collective sway obscured in the band’s unmistakable dense layers of fog and sound. Through a skyline of amps, a labyrinth of pedals, and a rhythm section that looms on the horizon like that of an imminent lightning storm, this four piece creates a sound that is at times as colossal as the canyons their home state Utah is carved with, yet like the howling breeze in the twilight hours becomes as intimate as sharing a bottle of bourbon beside the fire. Their blend of psychedelia, blues, and folk coalesces into a singular, definitive feeling of the American West. Kirk Dath, Sarah DeGraw, Ryan Arnold, and Kevin Schultz are Crook & The Bluff.

“Although there are some songs that feature tighter, more conventional blues-style songwriting ("Greenbriar Coal"), the most spine-tingling moments happen when Crook & the Bluff gradually build hypnotizing tension and then suddenly unleash all the power of their dual guitars, like on the deliciously wicked “Down to the Styx” which will blow your hair back” -City Weekly (3.5 out of 4 stars)

“The intensity of their music closely resembles the energy they obtain from the wilderness, meshed with grinding blues. Progressive psychedelia is infused throughout, transforming jarringly from languid and hazy to wailing and droning with a heavy dose of feedback, akin to The Troubles.” -SLUG Magazine
Venue Information:
Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84102