Slaughter to Prevail

JRC Events Presents

Slaughter to Prevail

Alumni, The Conscience, Amorous

Thu, May 16, 2019

6:30 pm

Kilby Court

Salt Lake City, UT

$13 – $15

Hailing from various parts of the Salt Lake Valley, Alumni forges an aggressive path towards the depths of metal. Combining sounds and influences from every era of brutality and creating a form all its own, this six member effort puts forth nothing but the most maddening, fetid, unearthing expressions that merge fists with faces. Coming together as a group of close friends with shared interests and varying histories in the Salt Lake music scene, Ben Winder, Ron Garcia, Justin Harris, Nic Mortensen, Evan Pilgrim, and Tom Morse formed from the remnants of their previous projects and melded together to bring what they thought was missing from this world of false realities and disillusioned perceptions. With many bands flourishing and building a solid group of devoted fans willing to give anything to be at every show, and to swing and shove their way to the center of the floor and show their love. Alumni is counting on giving everything for the ones who see what it's all about, working hard, being heard, and knowing you have the power to impact this world however you wish.
Venue Information:
Kilby Court
741 Kilby Court
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101